The Ranch's Location

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How to get here

  1. From Miami or San Paulo: daily flights to Viru Viru (VVI) airport of Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  2. From VVI via Aerosur or Lloyd Aereo Boliviano domestic flight to Trinidad (TDD)
  3. From TDD air taxi (@US$250/per flight) to San Joaquin airstrip

Find us on the map

Look in the map of Bolivia at the north-east and then look for the rivers Mamore and Machupo towards the Brazil border; we are in between, from the southern shore of lake el Oceano east towards the Machupo.

Or else look in a map of Brazil for the western state of Rondonia; find Forte Principe da Beira and the town of Costa Marquez on the western border of Rondonia along the river Guapore/Itenez , then look into Bolivia across the river for the two rivers and the el Oceano lake.

In Bolivia

The Department of the Beni

The Province of Mamore

The Canton of San Joaqin

The Ranch

See the more detailed maps (Warning: large images)

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